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Our partners have outstanding experience in Telecommunication and IC standardization. We can provide your company or organization consultancy services in the following areas:

Fixed, Mobile and Convergent Operators:
Wireless Partners will provide technical and strategic consultancy, as well as representation in standard bodies. Our work will be integrated in the company standardization strategy and will complement the internal work on standards and industry trends. These may be extremely valuable for those who are looking for to reduce their expenses and smaller operators who traditionally have not been able to access and influence standardization.

Service Providers and Virtual Operators:
Wireless Partners offers virtual operators and service providers the information and influence capability which so far was reserved to main players. In a highly competitive all IP environment virtual operators and service providers can not leave 100% the core business of standardization to their network providers. We can provide you reports and even help you to make your needs considered for standardization.

Manufacturers and Technology Owners:
Helping through homologation and standardization. Today competition gets a ferocious face even in the cooperative environment for the creation of standards (Geographical interests, potentially essential IPRs, etc.). Wireless Partners can help you analyze your specific situation, and that of the environment (standard organizations, potential customers, competitors, regulation and national norms) and help you to design the stadardization plan that most efficiently best suits your expectations.

Governments, Regulators and Administrations:
Wireless Partners has a broad experience, visibility and influence capacity in the European and World Wide standardization landscape, including regulative and normative aspects. Europe is elaborating strategies for standardization where new and open aspects will have an important role (Open Source, Technology Neutrality,..) and, with it, the whole world is re-directing the Telecommunications regulatory frameworks (ITU, IMT-A, Frequency refarming, all IP,…). Wireless Partners is an interesting partner as a vehicle for bidirectional transmission of information and requirements.

Investors and Financial institutions:
The potential of investing in innovation has a new dimension when standardization is considered. SDOs as ETSI are now offering pre-standardization groups where innovation can be taken. We can help you to determine the potential, the time frame and guide you through the process

Consultancy for Users and Consumers Associations:
For users and consumers it is not always easy to understand the complex situation of technology. What can be expected for today's users rights or how to influence developing technologies to fulfill future right (QoS, fair prices, complex services,...). Which are the limits between what users can expect and technology can provide? Wireless Partners can work for you to making your voice heard at the right place.

Representation and Commercialization of products:
Wireless Partners is an ideal partner for those companies seeking to adapt their products or equipments for conformance with normative and standards. Also we can provide a standardization plan to standardize proprietary solutions. Additionally Wireless Partners may represent the interests of his customers and commercialize their products, or complementary, help him to find most suitable representatives.

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