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Our partners have long experience and background in Telecommunication and IC analysis, development and implantation of services. We can provide your company or organization consultancy services in areas such as:

In a rapidly changing world, Wireless Partners will help you to identify business opportunities in the ICT and enhance you innovative skills to develop into solid and economical profitable services, supported for the most up to day and future proof technologies. When you are dealing with ICT there are factors which are not often taken in account and they can easily be the difference for success. Number of users that could access your service, how long will be technologically appealing and what changes may be necessary to keep it competitive, how to promote it and get customers beyond your frontiers.
We will show you how to best profit from your innovation and build on already existing standards or whether you could bit your profits by participating in the creation of worldwide standards work and how to do it.

An important aspect in the ICT is that related with the technology involved in the innovative product or service that a company may want to implement or commercialize. The competitors and technological ecosystem plays a fundamental role. Wireless Partners has the experience needed to help your company to do the proper technological analysis as what may be the best technology to chose, the best partners, the potential 3rd parties patents that can be affected, etc.

Releasing a product when the technology is immature, or when the technology is about to be replaced for its evolution is something that you should not do. Wireless Partners will help you to identify the technological trend and it situation so that you will be able to go to market when the wave is as it maximum high. Alternatively or in addition we will work with you to adapt your strategy to technologies that are still in the oven.

Every company wishes that its innovative products become the market standard, but what many companies, specially SMEs, do not realize is that this can be achieved by participating in the creation of industry and regulatory standards.
Wireless Partners has many years of experience in participating in different standardization bodies and writing specifications that lately have become world-wide standards.
We will sit with you, study your case and provide you the best advice on whether standardization is a viable way for your idea and how to do it. We could even participate in your name and defend your interest at the governance organizations of required SDOs.

IP consultancy

Patents and the Intellectual Property Rights associated are key in today battle in the ICT field. We have many examples of how enterprises use it to increase their profits or benefit from competitive advantages. But we have also examples of how SMEs may struggle to survive due to their lack of understanding and positioning in creating or managing their own portfolio of patents. We have actively participated in several cases to defend the interests of SMEs. We will show you what, when, where and how to fill a patent and how to fit IPR into your business strategy.

Wireless Partners can provide you expert advice for the development of patent portfolios through a careful analysis of the standards trends and the IP landscape in relation to your company skills.

Either if you have an existing patent portfolio and want to increase it and focus on essential patents for standards, or are considering start patenting and building up a portfolio, we can show you how to make it profitable and in an efficient way.

Our consulting service will analyze your situation to align it with the current and future IPR direction in standards.

We also can offer you patent prosecution services for IP portfolios in EU, US, China, India, Korea and other areas of interest for patents for international standards.

Essential patents are key for companies involved in the development of standards. For a manufacturer of equipment, owning essential patents in the standards give him the possibility to negotiate affordable royalties by cross-licensing with other IPR owners.

For R&D companies, essential IPRs are a way to monetize their investment in the technology across all its world-wide implementation. Disclosed figures of royalties for essential patents range from 0,8% to 2,5% of the end-user price for the equipment. And most companies have the capacity to achieve it.

Figuring out the value of your innovation is not easy. You may have a patent which you obtained for protective purposes and you think that it may not be worth the price of renewing it every year. Or you may think that the innovative ideas yoy have every other day are not woth even to written them down to fill a patent. Well, that was like that years ago. Today the patents landscape has changed. In the global economy patents are income generators, either through royalties or through cross-licensing. Let us show you how and how you can put this to profit for you and your organization.

Alternatively you may be already aware of the value of patents. You may have learnd it out of the news. But you think that you do not have the right organization. You need to set a smooth and efficient link between research-engineering and lawyers departments within your company, and you may think it is a challenge. Very often you will find out that your engineers do not believe their innovation may be worth a valuable patent, while others they will think they have discover something valuable, without realizing it is already patented somewhere else. In Wireless Partners we have the experience learned from different companies and we can help your company both to become more efficient in recognizing and protecting your innovation.

Wireless Partners can show you how to set up your organization and the required procedures to easily discover which of your innovation can be patented, what is more valuable (thus where focus for innovation has to be places) and how to establish a fluid communication between your patent attorneys and your engineers.

If needed, we have experienced engineers and patent attorneys that can help your teams while they are training, or complement them in a more permanent basis.

When attempting to understand the value of a patent in relation to one standard, the first thing to do, before entering in the commercial ground, is to assess is if that patent is really essential for that standard. For example, essential IPR declarations are made by IPR owners but often the final standard changes, and declarations are not updated.

Wireless Partners has a network of expert engineers with solid experience in developing standards and evaluating and preparing patents, which can prepare solid essential patent charts or well founded individual evaluations as may be required by patent attorneys, patent pools, licensing societies, courts,…


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