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Wireless Partners work actively at European and National standard organizations, and have a deep knowledge and relations with ETSI, 3GPP, W3C, and others in a variety of different Technical Committes including those less technically focused as “Usability”, “Knowledge Transfer” and others. We would like to make this experience available to you with the goal to inform you of the associated risks/advantages and how to turn them into your benefit.

Participation in standardization is a road that brings many opportunities for players with different business models, but it has many curves and it is easy to get lost before starting. If properly faced from the business plann, participation in Standardization will let you make your business global, will provide you the right partners, and contacts with the right customer. Wireless Partners will sit with you to analyze your product and tell you how you can put standardization in your business plan, how these organizations work, and how to get involved. If you want, we can even represent your company and do the work with you.

EU institutions, specially different DG at the European Commission are well aware of the benefits for innovators and SMEs and for years have been promoting their participation in join activities with the 3 European Standards Organization (ETSI, CEN and CENELEC). Through its knowledge and experience Wireless Partners will show you how to use for your benefit from the tools that they have set forth.

Wireless Partners has a broad experience, visibility and influence capacity in the European bodies that regulate the frequency allocation in Europe such as CEPT ECC. By means of our participation in ETSI, Wireless Partners is in position to react to public consultations undertaken by the ECC/ECO that will determine the future frequency allocation and licensing regime. Wireless Partners has experience in topics such as spectrum re-use by means of Cognitive Radio techniques and Digital Dividend.

The European Telecommunication Standards Institute has become the world leader in ICT technologies thanks to its incredible success in GSM, TETRA, DECT and many other well know standards. The importance for this is evident when we realize that it is the playfield for discussions on IPRs in standards, or influencing the evolution of the technology and the market in the years ahead.
Wireless Partners experts will be able to represent you and support your position or defend your rights as a complement to your own work force or at special committees and managing bodies of such organizations as the General Assembly.

Wireless Partners experts will be able also to represent you and move your interest related with standards or regulation in many other organizations that may be of your interests. To name a few, Enterprises organizations (eg. DIGITALEUROPE) or operators associations (as GSMA), other EU standards organizations (CEN and CENELEC) or national organizations.


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